Conveniently store the master key of your wallet with StoreYourKey

A master key better known as a recovery phrase or seed phrase on paper is vulnerable to water damage and fire, and it is also easy to lose.

Online storage of your seed phrase turns your crypto fortune into easy prey for hackers.

StoreYourKey eliminates these dangers. It is the smartest solution to store your Seed phrase. In this way, you are protected against water damage, a house fire and hackers.

Is Your Seed phrase Stored Securely?

The Seed phrase is the ‘life insurance’ with which you can safeguard your crypto. You don’t want to lose it or see it fall into the wrong hands.

Most people write down their Seed phrase on a piece of paper. Sometimes this is just with the intention of storing it in a safer way in the future. But unfortunately, in most cases they fail to do so. Water damage, fire, or simply losing this piece of paper can have major consequences.
When you lose your hardware wallet or when it breaks down, you need the Seed phrase to recover your crypto.

If you lose it, access to your crypto is lost forever. It’s not possible to request a replacement Seed phrase, or to gain access to your wallet in another way.

For that reason, people often choose to store their Seed phrase online, or locally on their own computer. When a hacker or thief gains access to this code, he or she has access to your wallet.

StoreYourKey offers a solution that protects access to your crypto against water damage, fire, hackers and theft. It enables you to safely store the Seed phrase.

The most secure storage


StoreYourKey consists of multiple plates, which you assemble in such a way that the Seed phrase isn’t immediately visible. For extra security, you can also opt to store the second plate at another location and to connect different Seed phrases to each other. This way you protect your crypto in case of a break-in or house robbery.

StoreYourKey’s back-up plates or stamping blanks are made from four millimetre thick stainless steel 304. So there is no risk of water damage and the steel is strong enough to survive even a house fire.

Due to its robust character, the StoreYourKey will never accidentally end up in the waste paper basket, but at the same time it’s small enough to inventively hide it somewhere.

Do you own more than one Seed phrase, or would you like to make multiple copies? You only have to purchase one StoreYourKey set. After that, the stamping blanks can be purchased separately for a discounted price. This significantly reduces costs.

StoreYourKey Set



The luxury set of StoreYourKey contains everything you need to securely store your Seed phrase, including a set of letter punches and the unique mould. This unique mould ensures that it’s quick and easy to punch in the letters of your Seed phrase.

Would you like to store multiple Seed phrases, connect them or spread them over different locations for maximum protection? You can easily order an extra set of stamping blanks together with your original order. 

The Power of StoreYourKey

The Advantages

High-grade Stainless Steel

Made from four millimetre thick high quality stainless steel 304


Completely resistant to water and other liquids


Even a house fire can't beat StoreYourKey


Multiple Seed phrases? You can reuse both the letter punches and the mould!

Prevent Theft

Store the plates in different locations.

Smart, Quick & Organised

The mould has a user-friendly design and provides a good and fast result.