Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Seed phrase? When do you receive it, and why is it safer to store a Seed phrase offline? We answer the frequently asked questions. 

What is a Seed phrase?

When you store your own crypto, you will receive a seed phrase.

If this is converted into 12 or 24 words via the hierarchical deterministic protocol

It will now be known as a Seed phrase, master key, recovery phrase, mnemonic phrase, or master seed.

These words are drawn from the Bitcoin Improvement Proposal-39 standard (BIP39). This BIP standard consists of 2048 words. These words are fixed and all have their own unique number. That’s why you could also punch in the numbers instead of the words in the stamping blank. The first four positions of every word are unique.

That's why there are four squares in the stamping blank for the first four unique letters of every word. If you would like to know the whole word, you can always look it up in the BIP39 standard.

This is an example of a Seed phrase consisting of the first and last 12 words of the BIP39 standard. The first four letters and their numbers are unique.

Why is StoreYourKey the best solution?

When you have punched in your Seed phrase in the solution provided by StoreYourKey, it is protected against water damage and a house fire

The four millimetre thick stainless steel 304 is strong enough to survive a house fire*. The stamping blanks are compact enough to store them in a safe place.

The Seed phrase on paper is, for example, prone to end up between the waste paper and thus discarded. The Seed phrase punched in on the StoreYourKey solution isn't immediately visible, and for extra security you can choose to store one of the two plates in a different location and/or connect different Seed phrases to each, which provides extra security in the event of a break-in or house robbery.

When one of the two stamping blanks is stored on another location, this cannot be transferred at that moment.

An extra benefit:

When you own multiple Seed phrases, you only have to purchase the StoreYourKey set once. After that, you can order separate sets of stamping blanks for a discounted price, which significantly reduces costs.

Why do you have to store a Seed phrase offline?

-It can't be hacked

- All hardware (telephone, hardware wallet, computer et cetera) can break down. With a Seed phrase you can always recover your crypto on new hardware.

- Your hardware can get lost or be stolen. Without a Seed phrase or password, this hardware has no use for the finder or thief, and your crypto is safe.

When do you receive a Seed phrase?

You receive a Seed phrase when you are a crypto owner and you store them on, for example:

- a Nano ledger
- a Trezor
- a Metamask
- a Trustwallet

This solution is also applicable to other wallets that operate using the BIP39 standard with the hierarchical deterministic protocol.