Tested and Proven Fire Resistance for Stainless Steel Plates!

In a daring experiment,

StoreYourKey put the safety of their customer’s Seed Phrases to the test. With the help of the state-of- the-art Peutz Laboratory, they exposed two four-millimeter-thick 304 stainless steel plates, punched with letters and numbers, to the extreme temperatures of a house fire. Following the standard fire curve defined in the EN 1363-1 standard, the plates were heated to a scorching 1110°C. After 180 minutes, the samples were removed and cooled with water. Miraculously, the letters and numbers remained readable, showing that these stainless steel plates with the code facing each other can withstand a house fire.

See full report here link

After the test: Storeyourkey received the test plates, see picture below (A) and sanded it for better readability see (B)

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